Fun & Activities

Bouncing Castle

Bouncing castles are a hit among children under 7. Hours pass off jumping on them, the best way to spend a birthday party! Apart from being safe, they create an exciting environment where time just passes off bouncing on the castles. PartyCraze has a wide range of castle options for your children, sizes are 10ftx12ft, 20ftx 15ft etc..

Balloon Shootings

Bring the famous balloon shooting to your party with this stall. Aim and shoot.Balloon shooting can be availed for maximum 3 hours.Balloon shooting board with balloons, coordinator and gun is provided.Activity can last up to maximum 3 hours.Maximum 100 balloons will be used for this activity.

Ring game with gifts

Hoopla Ring games, most commonly seen in school fairs and city fairs, the hoopla ring games are becoming a regular activity at birthday parties. Children are aw-struck with the idea of getting gifts by winning a game and we keep attractive gifts that tempt all children to try their luck at aiming those rings into the hoopla.

Ball the Character

Every child has a favorite cartoon character, and when this character assumes the form of a game, it becomes all the more fun. Is your little girl fascinated by Mermaids, Cinderella, Fairy’s and other cartoons? Or your little boy who loves being an Iron Man, Superman, or a Wolverine? Then we have a superb game to get all children hooked up, ball the character. Children get to throw balls in a character cutout, the winner gets a gift. Gifts and cartoons are the best combination, luring every child to play and win.

Catch The Fish

Medium size tub filled with water, plastic fishes and fishing equipment will be present as shown in the picture.Kids can enjoy catching fishes at your party.Activity can be carried out for maximum 3 hours.Artificial fishes are used for fishing.Fishing material will be provided by us.Kids enjoyed a lots.

Toss The Can

Set ’em up and knock ’em down! With plastic cans and rubber balls, our Can Toss Game is a safer version of the popular carnival birthday game. The cans come with colorful vegetable labels and are designed to stack easily, making the Can Toss Game a great backyard activity for kids of all ages.


The modern world is full of so many “lazy” activities for kids: video games, tablets, and TV; the list goes on. A mini trampoline for kids is a great way to introduce your kid to the wonderful birthday party.And most enjoyable activities by kids now days.

Feed The Characters

Animal feeding is a rewarding sensation for children who love discovering new experiences that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.It will also encourage your kids to take a keen interest feedings.We take characters like animals,birds,fishes or cartoons characters.

Pin the Tail

Pin the Tail on the Donkey has been one of the most popular birthday party games for generations. Everyone knows the rules – you put the blindfold on the child, put a paper tail in their hand, spin them around a few times and point them in the direction of a cut-out paper donkey taped to the wall. The child that gets their tail the closest to the donkey’s hindquarters wins. But did you know you can take this premise and create variations for almost every party theme?.

Ludo on Floor

This lovely version of the classic favourite is based on a game from the 1920s and ‘Tea Party’ Ludo retains the authentic colours and style. Many childrens & young with remember the famous ‘Game Party’ on the box so there is real scope for reminiscence too.A great traditional game for players young and old. Will make a fantastic parties for all of them.


Terms of Booking :

  • All the activities will be booked for duration mentioned in the above Inclusions.
  • Rest of the payment needs to be done in cash only, once the arrangements are made.
  • You need to make sure the power supply is available for activities to happen as it is, on time & hassle-free.
  • You need to make sure sufficient time is available to set-up activities at your venue.
  • You need to make sure you have required arrangements in place to execute it on time. Few entertainment activities might need table, ladder, chairs, plug points based on your selection. Please cross check before you place the order.
  • For anything additional which is not mentioned here, charges will be extra.
  • If there is any damage to any of the merchandize used for this set-up during your party, you will be billed accordingly.
  • Booking does not include any furniture / fixture. Examples, but not limited to: chairs, tables, carpets, power points, ladder.
  • Booking does not include housekeeping service.
  • You need to ensure that all necessary permissions.
  • Although we use all reasonable safety precautions, we cannot be held liable for any casualties arising at any stage.